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Bangladesh Biodiversity Conservation Foundation 

Biodiversity is a precious stone of nature. Due to unwanted human activities and unplanned development, resources of biodiversity are losing gradually. Along with the unplanned and nonscientific development, biodiversity depletion is bringing natural disasters to the environment which ultimately attacking nature of Bangladesh. To ensure the safety of living begin in the earth, some people have come conjugally for saving nature and diversity and raise voice “Ensure ecstatic human civilization on earth through extreme dedication for our next upcoming generation”. In line with that on 6 December 2014, Bangladesh Biodiversity Conservation Foundation (BBCF) has been established to implement the credential declaration and engage communities, civil society and policy makers on biodiversity Conservation.

Background of BBCF

Animal habitats are going to be squished in line with age of the earth and several species of animals and plants are on the way of extinction, whole world is facing climate change effect as natural disasters and global community specifically politicians, social activists as well as all walks of lives are very conscious on Biodiversity. At present, 42 amphibians, 157 reptiles, 918 birds and 124 mammals are the pride of our state’s biodiversity. Although, these are pride for our nature but their rapid extinction is making unhappy and very conscious. In these circumstances, some dedicated ground level personals are working for biodiversity conservation to stop nature destruction. It was a big challenge to coordinate their valuable achievements and tie up in a common platform. On 2012, Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation Division was established at Rajshahi and then communication was initiated with biodiversity oriented different focal persons and organizations. At beginning, this matter was out of observation and invisible. Through the activity of dedicated nature lovers, the gradual change has been observed. In a short time, Biodiversity conservation focused persons and organizations from ground level have been brought to the umbrella of BBCF. Along with this persons and organizations, several amphibians, birds and reptiles were rescued through awareness campaign and introduce them to natural habitats. The wave of conservation activities has touched all over the north country of the country. Ground level organizations have been provided proper guidance including the legislation and other issues. At the end, formation of BBCF has been come from the declaration of more than 500 activist and stakeholders of different 100 organizations. At present, BBCF have more than 8000 active members who are contributing for conservation by holding values of BBCF.