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Bangladesh Biodiversity Conservation Federation (BBCF)

The population of the world has increased as industrial development, vehicles, factories, improved crop production, genetic engineering etc. have improved the life of people. In 1960, where the number of people was 303.6 million, the increase in 2014 was 418 million which is 137% in comparison. In a way, this population growth has become a big threat for the biodiversity and nature of the environment today. From the history of Earth and life, it is known from the past 55 million years that the mass extinction of the Earth’s biodiversity occurred five times, which was full of natural consequences. But we will have to think about whether the sixth mass extinction of biodiversity is going to rise in this civilized human race’s improved life and in a way that is going to rise. Today, if we do not save our biodiversity as well as our advanced life system, today, then the destruction of the sixth mass may endanger our existence.