1. To constitute a free movement to ensure about 25 percent forest area of the total area of the country.
  2. To take measures to recover extinct animals and plants from Bangladesh and to protect endangered and extinct biodiversity.
  3. To provide necessary measures and to assist the government in conserving local and migratory birds as well as wildlife and biodiversity through the whole country including Jamuna, Teesta, Padma, Brahmaputra basin.
  4. 4. To create a village information bank containing the current information (Village Profile) of every village in Bangladesh, such as population, male and female population, religion, class, occupation, total amount of tree and old tree, biodiversity, rivers, heritage, culture and special features of village, which will be a source of information for future generations.
  5. To preserve at least 25 acres of Khas land in each upazila as a permanent forest or aquaculture for the protection of biodiversity.
  6. 6. To preserve the centennial t
  7. 7. To make involved the college and university level students for practical experience in conserving biodiversity.
  8. 8. To create a movement for including the topic of biodiversity in the textbooks of all classes in the country.
  9. To establish a movement to preserve all the unique characteristics containing (at least 300 acres) barren land of heritage-based Barindra landscapes.
  10. 10. To develop a conservation model containing all the characteristics of Cholonbil and to make a movement for restoring the lost biodiversity of it in the Khas land (at least 500 acres) of this resourceful Cholonbil.
  11. 11. To create public awareness and help the government to protect the existing haor, baor, bills, rivers, canals and reservoirs of the country and its biodiversity.
  12. To protect the existing biodiversity of the country and to create a movement to conserve its habitat.
  13. To take necessary steps for the national recognition of Bangladesh Biodiversity Conservation Foundation.
  14. To arrange for the BBCF member organizations to review their activities by registering them.
  15. To provide guidance to the BBCF member organizations in the country as well as to monitor and coordinate their activities.