Rules and Regulations

Eligibility of membership (Organization Category)

BBCF is a mother organization or Foundation for environmentalist organization. Generally, environment and biodiversity focused organization could be got BBCF membership. BBCF nominated person who engaged with its member organization can work as delegates of the whole Foundation.

Bangladeshi virtuous people with holding membership of environmentalist organization have eligibility for BBCF membership

  1. At least two years of active participation in biodiversity & nature conservation and development.
  2. Collect membership form by paying 500BDT (Non refundable).
  3. Recommendation letter from nearest organization or from UP Chairman/UNO/Civil Society/ Deputy Commissioner/ Upazila Chairman.
  4. Verification team of Executive committee of BBCF will recommend and approved the membership after completion of aforementioned criteria.
  5. Those organization which achieved membership of Advisory, Executive and General Organization after 06 December 2015 . in addition to that the organizations which attended at inaugurating ceremony of BBCF on 06 December 2014 were nominated for membership.